Day 7:


A heightened sensitivity or ability to see to the core of the situation will allow you to be a great help to friends and loved ones.

Make yourself available as a source of support, and they will be grateful to have an understanding and intuitive person to go to for assistance.


Back to the daily grind. Today we are dealing with a broken Dell (shock), a messy desk area (double shock) and not enough coffee.8d0bad3f1357b2ac98d86b1dad1a4bda
I have this issue where as soon as the work week is over, I log out of the virtual land of computers, and spend most of my weekend either sleeping or waking up.
Thus Days 5 and 6 were spent doing exactly that – procrastinating.

So – No post for YOU!

Soup Nazi was cool 🙂




[proh-kras-tuh-neyt, pruh-] pro·cras·ti·nat·ed, pro·cras·ti·nat·ing.

urban dictionary:

   1.   A similar experience to masturbation, it feels good while you’re doing it, but it sucks afterwards when you realize that you just fucked yourself.
   2.   If you are on here, you probably are already doing this. It means you are putting something off until the last possible second (by doing pointless things in most people’s cases).  i.e. He is awesome at procrastination: the day before a big project was due, he watched 6 t.v. shows, took a really long shower, and didn’t start his project until 3 a.m.

   1.   to put off till another day or time; defer; delay
   2.   Origin: 1580–90;  < Latin prōcrāstinātus
         (past participle of prōcrāstināre  to put off until tomorrow, equivalent to prō- pro-1 -crāstināre,          derivative of crāstinus  of tomorrow; crās  tomorrow + -tinus  suffix forming adjectives from

         temporal adverbs); see -ate



But the personal life is back on track, and now it’s time for me to MOTIVATE myself to:

1. Study for the Feb MBE – FML

2. Bikram Yoga – Feeling HOT HOT HOT!

3. Arm Weights – yes, I have granny arms 😦




[moh-tuh-veyt] mo·ti·vat·ed, mo·ti·vat·ing.

urban dictionary:

   1.   That thing in the back of your mind that drives you, no matter what seems to be stacked against you.

   1.     to provide with a motive or motives; incite; impel.

          Origin:  1860–65; motive + -ate1



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