Lee County student accuses school of “ignoring” bullying – WFTX-TV Fort Myers/Naples, FL

Oh look – another Child being Bullied.

Bullying will not simply stop.

Preventative Education is needed, not just news coverage.

Here’s the latest story:

CAPE CORAL, Fla. – A Lee County student says she’s afraid to go to school because the bullying is getting out of hand.

“They’re not doing anything,” said the 16-year-old Ida Baker student, who did not want to show her face out of fear the bullying would be made worse. “[The school is] saying ‘This is not bullying. It’s not.’ But it is. It is bullying.”

Lee County Schools response?

The school district says they are paying attention. In a statement they tell Fox 4:

“The school and the district followed all established policies and procedures as is done whenever such allegations are brought forth. The allegations that administrators ‘turned a blind eye’ in this case is absolutely false and untrue.”

“Because of privacy and confidentiality laws, the District can’t comment or provide information on specific students. Anyone with concerns can bring them to their principal or the Zone Administrators who oversee their school.”

Full Story

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