Hey baby! Women speak out against street harassment – CNN.com

I remember living on South Beach, and walking down Ocean Drive, heading in to work.

Apparently a woman can’t make a walk like that – to work, to school, to wherever – without  having to listen to men at their most obnoxious. Cat-calls – they probably call them that because the sound of men whistling or making sexist remarks is just as pleasant as cats howling on the fencepost at night. Or chalk on a blackboard.

I’ve even heard guys argue that such behavior is a ‘compliment’. As if making women feel annoyed, even unsafe, is a compliment.

Apparently I’m not the only one who finds this behavior to be juvenile and annoying.  Some found it downright dangerous.

CNN released a good piece today on catcalling and the associated dangers.

Here’s the link – and a quote:


(CNN) — Head down, look straight ahead. Earbuds in, volume off. Walk quickly, but with purpose. Don’t make eye contact unless you need to. Look behind you every few blocks, make sure you’re not being followed. Don’t be obvious.

It’s not nighttime. You’re not in a known drug zone, or the sketchy part of town.

This is simply how many women steel themselves when walking down a city street in broad daylight, or even when boarding crowded public transportation. Why? Because many women, regardless of age, weight, or appearance, say they’ve heard something along the lines of “Hey baby, you want some of this?” or “I like what I see” or “nice ass.”

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Hey baby! Women speak out against street harassment – CNN.com

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