J.Lo’s Stunt Double is a Man.

Day 3.

Thank you January 3, 2013 for bringing me this slightly entertaining news.

Yes, J.Lo’s stunt double is a man.

Ha. Hahaha. Ha.

Were it not for this picture, and THAT look from the body double, this day would continue its downward descent MUCH more swiftly.

2013 is starting out interesting already, on SO many levels.

In other news, really Astrology? Really?


Daily Overview for January 03, 2013


Don’t give your partner the silent treatment, and don’t hold back when you have something you would like to talk about.

Open communication is very important in any relationship, so talk it out! More will be resolved this way as opposed to holding it all inside and not giving your thoughts release.

Wow. FML. L8r.

2 thoughts on “J.Lo’s Stunt Double is a Man.

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