PROACTIVE! Students tackle anti-bullying amendments in mock hearing!

Guess who’s back.. Back again…

Yup, it’s me. I really suck at keeping up with my blog, so I am going to try for AT LEAST one post per week 🙂

These are two very interesting article on how students are proactively working towards an understanding of bullying legislation, the legal process, and how possible court cases may pan out.  It is so good to see these students in action!



The Utah League of Cities and Towns hosted the 600 high school students from more than 40 cities around the state. It was an opportunity for the students to see the legislative process. The students debated potential anti-bullying legislation in a mock committee hearing.

Great student quote:   “I have seen people affected by bullying, and it hurts. Every time that I see the opportunity, I do my best to stop it.” – London Weiler, Woods Cross High School sophomore



The state’s anti-bullying legislation is assessed by those who it affects most — Utah’s students.

I urge EVERYONE to contact the Utah League of Cities and Towns and let them know what a great job their students are doing!

Contact Info:

Utah League of Cities and Towns
50 South 600 East, Suite 150, Salt Lake City, Ut 84102
Ph: (801) 328-1601, Toll free: (800) 852-8528 Fax: (801) 531-1872




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