An Unquiet Mind – Poem by Angelina Wright

An Unquiet Mind

by Angelina Audrey Anne Wright

Can you imagine a head that would never shut off?
Can you imagine a mind that remained active far after the body required rest?
Can you imagine if you ran a million miles an hour 24 hrs. a day?
How could you ever find what is best?
I have an illness called Bipolar disorder, making me CRAZY by society.
Having a disorder that makes this happen is no gift.
Bipolar and a rapid cycle is a curse beyond what most could handle.
It will cause a huge rift
In the life of anyone who has this illness, ask me how I know……
My life is a disorganized chaotic mess I wade my way threw each day.
I hate the fact that my memory is shot. I hate the fact that some things make no sense.
I hate the fact that without my friends and love sometimes I have a hard time finding a way
To want to live to want to go on… sometimes my mind is so clouded I have not a clue.
I lose sight of me and who I am
I just want to lie down and give up the fight…
However my unquiet mind has its good days and it too wants to find the way
To settle these crazy differences that nobody else can see and make them right.
An unquiet mind some days is far clearer than those who are looking in…
I just wish the world would not judge who I am inside.
And understand I am just trying to survive the chaos in my head…
And quit making me want to hide…
©Angelina Wright

Submitted to FB Group ‘Living with Bipolar Disorder’


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