Twits plus 77. Goal!

“Twitter Count! Twitter Count! We want a Twitter Count!”

I can hear you chanting this already. No, seriously. Stop, it. <blushes>

Yes, it IS time for a Twitter Count and – yes – I have news. My Twitter mantra – Do Nothing – has done SOMETHING as I am proud to say I now have over 500 Followers on Twitter!

503 to be exact.

If you have read my earlier posts, you know that this number represents my total lack of effort at actually forming a Twitter “presence” – no effort, chemicals or preservatives added. I want people to choose to hit that Follow button based upon content alone. No gimmicks. No requests for follows or posting my Twitter handle on blogs or – heaven forbid – paying for followers.

My schtick has been simple – let’s just sit back and see how many new Twitter followers I can gain NATURALLY.

Here’s how it’s going:

As of 3/3/16, the number of Followers I have on Twitter has grown from 469 to 503.

During the last three weeks and change, I gained 34 Followers. That makes a total of 77 new Followers since I made this darn bet, in case anyone is counting – which I AM.

It’s funny really. Somehow I convinced 77 NEW PEOPLE to choose to follow my silly little tweets. And I still have no idea how I did it. And I still say: Pretty. Darn. Good. For doing NOTHING.

Which leads me to my long overdue homework assignment: I promised to look up 10 articles on how to naturally increase my Twitter presence, and to share my findings with you! While I admit to having been a total slacker on this one, I’ve done some research and there is a LOT of information out there.

Actually, there is such a thing as Too Much Information and that is what’s out there. TMI. In fact, I think my brain is now a bowl of Twitter-mush. I read and I searched and I browsed, bobbed and weaved, and I finally couldn’t take it any more – then a light went on and I stopped and said – JUST PICK ONE AND TRY IT OUT!

What good is it to simply parrot back these ideas? What kind of girl would I be if I didn’t test them out to see if they were any good?

So I had an idea. A bright one – shiny and sparkly.

I have decided to research and test out some of these Twitter strategies myself and see if they make a difference. That way, it’s easier to tell what works and what doesn’t – toss out what doesn’t work and move on to the next one.

Here’s an idea! Why don’t YOU try it with me? I’ll tell you what strategy I’m going to use. You try it, too. We will take it one step at a time, together! You can either email me directly or tell everyone about your experience in the Comments!

STRATEGY #1. Follow Your Followers. (Yes, it’s that simple.) Ready, set, go!

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