5 Things You Should Never Post on Social Media

Things You Should Never Post on Facebook/Social Media

Some information is just nobody’s business. People post tons of personal information about themselves online, including photos and email addresses to get free promotions or download discount coupons.

Even if you correctly configure your “privacy settings,” your friend’s account could be hacked – which, in turn, affects you.

Here are five things that the pros state that should NEVER post on your Facebook page:

1. Your full birthdate – while we all love to get Happy Birthday wishes from family and friends, the problem is that with just 3 or 4 pieces of information, you could become a victim of identity theft. It’s suggested that you list your birthdate a day before or a day after the REAL date and never post the year you were born. Even if the “date” is off by a day or two, your true friends and family will know your actual birthdate.

2. Your relationship status – Stalkers love to know that you just became “newly single” or list yourself as “single,” since it’s a sign that you might be home alone. If they know who you are (or where you live or work) , they might follow you home from work.

3. Your current location – Lots of people tag themselves to let others know where they are—on vacation, at a concert, a restaurant—which lets the world know that you are NOT AT HOME. It gives thieves time to rob your home. The pros state that you should post how awesome the concert was, or upload your vacation photos, AFTER you get home.

4.  That fact that you are home alone – I’ve read Facebook posts where a person says “my family is out shopping for the day and I finally I’m alone and can finish my book.” You may think that your friends are the only ones that have access to your status, but you really have no idea who is reading your posts.

5.  Tagging your children’s pictures with their names – This type of information can be used by predators to lure your child, since they already know their name, including names of relatives or friends on your Facebook page. Your child may think this person is “safe” because they know details about their family that they use to try to build rapport with your child.

These are just a few of the “never’s” that I am sharing with you.

Question: What other things would you recommend NOT posting on Facebook so I can add them to my list?