11 Ways To Earn Money With InboxDollars

Many have been asking what other Points Programs are out there, so I have decided to post about a few opportunities, starting with InboxDollars, a points program I have been using since 2007.  Plus, I get a referral bonus when you sign up, so try it out!

InboxDollars is a points program that pays you in either a Visa cash card, or Gift Card, or Check (actual money!) once your account reaches the balance of $30. InboxDollars pays user for sign-up on the site, reading emails, signing up for offers, referring friends, playing games and much more.

Although InboxDollars doesn’t have the high income earning potential of Swagbucks, it definitely helps! Inbox Dollars is a simple way to make a small amount each month from home in your down time (you know, at the end of the day when all you feel like doing is putting your feet up and watching TV).

11 Ways to Earn Cash With InboxDollars

1. Sign up – Get $5!

Sign up for an account through this link, and start off your account with $5.

2. Paid Emails

Each day click through the paid emails either on the site directly or through your email box or through the InboxDollars App. and earn .02 cents per email. (I get on average 2 to 3 paid emails per day. It sounds like a small amount, but it really adds up and takes NO thought whatsoever.)

3. Easy Cash

Using the Easy Cash feature, you can earn money by completing free offers and no credit card is required. These range from taking surveys and joining a fuel rewards program, to signing up to receive free samples. The pay ranges from .10 cents up to $6, with most offers being in the .50 cent – .75 cent range.

4. Use the InboxDollars Toolbar

You earn .01 cent for every 2 qualified search through the InboxDollar toolbar to the maximum of .15 cents per day. You can download the toolbar for easy access but you can also access the tool bar at the top of the InboxDollars home page or use the search feature in the app. When you use the toolbar 4 days in a row during one calendar week you get a .05 cent bonus.

5. Deals

Here’s an easy way to earn cash back on items you are already buying!  Under the Deals tab on the InboxDollars homepage you will find the words “Groupon” and “Coupon”. InboxDollars gives you 8% cash back on any Groupon purchased through their website, and .10 cents for any coupon that you print from their website and redeem.

6. Shopping

If you shop online you might as well earn cash back. Click the Deals tab on the InboxDollars home page and scroll down to the word “shopping”. Check out the available retailers and the percentage that you get back, as what you receive in cash back varies from store to store.

7. Refer Friends

Once you have used InboxDollars for a while and decide you like it, why not share it with your friends through a referral link provided by InboxDollars under the Refer Friends tab? If they sign up you get 10% of their qualified earnings for as long as they remain in the program.

8. Videos

The video section of InboxDollars requires you to pay attention somewhat as you often have to answer questions. This is the most time consuming method of getting paid, but if you have the time, you can earn cash by watching videos or completing activities!

9. Offers

The Offers section is where you earn cash for trying new products and services, or joining a mailing list. With over 150 offers, there is sure to be one that catches your fancy. Most of the offers I have tried have been valid, and the offers vary in value from .25 cents to $20 – not bad!

10. Surveys

Surveys are fun, but time-consuming.  If you have some down time, you can check out paid surveys on the Surveys tab.  They range from quick surveys (approx. 1 minute) to longer surveys (up to 30 minutes), and the pay seems to increase with the length of the survey.

11. Games

Now, I don’t really have time to play games, but if you do, here is a way to get some more cash. Under the “Games” tab on the InboxDollars homepage, you will Casino Games and Cash Games. You can earn 18% cash back into your InboxDollars account on every dollar spent on token packs and boosters when purchased through your InboxDollars Casino Games account.


As you can see, there are many ways to earn cash with InboxDollars!  As they say, you won’t get rich but you will get paid, and EVERY dollar counts!

Have you used InboxDollars and if so, what do you think of it? I’d love to hear your experience, leave your comments below!

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