Here we go AGAIN. Tragic Child Suicide In New York Linked To Bullying.

Does it EVER end?

Authorities have confirmed the tragic suicide death of a 12-year-old  in New York was due to the relentless bullying she was subjected to for several months beforehand from classmates.

According to Gabrielle Molina’s suicide note and accounts from her sister, 15-year-old Georgia, the seventh-grader took her own life because of persistent cyber-bullying, slut-shaming, and name calling from her middle school peers. It had just become too much.

HERE IS THE FULL TEXT OF THE ARTICLE, and I’ve highlighted the parts that really hit me, and ranted on a few.

Her SISTER Georgia found Gabrielle after she’d hanged herself inside her bedroom.

Georgia had been sworn to secrecy, told not to reveal the abuse to their parents, though they knew Gabrielle was having some trouble at school.

RANT INSERT:  REALLY???? Sworn to secrecy?? How many other siblings are out there keeping such “secrets” from the people who can help most – parents, friends, teachers, even anonymous tip lines, and groups like

The girl was often taunted by classmates over her appearance – victimized both face-to-face and online. Fellow students who sent the upsetting messages are currently under investigation as officers removed computers from the Molina home in order to have them analyzed. Several students have been questioned since the incident, but no charges have been imposed.

Associates of Gabrielle said she’d got into a fistfight with another girl that was videotaped and posted on YouTube; she had a history of cutting herself and had recently broken up with a boyfriend – providing the bullies with fodder.


Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott said that a preliminary investigation did not show any serious bullying problems at the school.

RANT INSERT:  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! EVERY school has bullying problems – stop burying your head in the sand.  Are teachers so afraid of being blamed or coming to false conclusions that they just pretend this doesn’t happen? That these kids are ok?

How do you define a serious bullying problem? Any bullying should not be tolerated and should be considered serious as it can stem from its own environment of abuse or mental illness.

Bullying has always been a problem, especially in middle school when socialization seems to be the most difficult. Physical, emotional, and psychological threats make it difficult for an individual to get through the day and focus on their academic work. With technology pusillanimous bullies can post hate-speak and degrading taunts about a person with some anonymity. Often times there is little schools can do to protect the victim as many school officials will say unless the acts occur while on school grounds, there isn’t much they can do to deter it.

Parents have addressed a call for action, demanding something more be done to protect their children from this type of victimization as daily threats and assaults can lead to depression, lessened self-esteem, eating disorders, anxiety, sleeplessness, drug and alcohol abuse, effect academic performance and overall well-being, and, in extreme cases, suicidal tendencies.

RANT INSERT:  OK, what exactly does a “call to action” mean? Hey Guys! Stop bullying! Seriously. 

Parents need to be PROACTIVE, and actions speak louder than words.

That is all.



Daily Overview for May 28, 2013


A choice that seems trivial may not be all that trivial! This could shape quite a bit for you in the coming days and weeks, so make sure that you are thinking things through with care. If you really ponder the issue, you will begin to see where things are going for the future.

Terrible news out of Homestead, FL. Another child. Another Shooting. :(

November 20, 2012. Tragedy in Homestead school as a 13-YEAR-OLD girl was shot to death by a fellow student on a school bus in Florida.

These stories make me extremely sad, sick and drained every time I hear of another child lost so early in life.


Here’s the story:

Miami-Dade Police Charge 15-Year-Old Boy With Manslaughter After Fatal School Bus Shooting. The 13-year-old succumbed to her injuries after being shot on a private school bus by another student, police said.


Why in the world would a 15-year-old have a handgun in school/on school bus?? Do parents need to step up and check their child’s belongings before sending them off to school – a supposedly SAFE place?

Even more devastating – Lourdes had her 7-year-old sibling on the bus as well, police said.


Full story and link here.

Video here.

Police are ruling the death of 13-year-old Lourdes Guzman-DeJesus from Miami, Florida an accident.

The student found herself on a private school bus when she was fatally shot by a classmate, at around 6:45 a.m., on Tuesday, November 20.

Police have 13-year-old DeJesus’s shooter in custody, and ruled the death accidental.

Jordyn Alexander Howe of Homestead had carried a weapon on the bus and was showing it off to his classmates when the gun discharged, police reports say.

15-year-old Howe was a student at Somerset Academy Silver Palms in Homestead. CBS Miami reports that he will be charged as a juvenile. He was arrested for manslaughter and for carrying a concealed firearm.

The shooting took place as other 8 students found themselves on the bus. The vehicle was traveling to the Homestead area, in southwest Miami-Dade County.

According to Huffington Post, Guzman’s 7-year-old sister was among the other students besides her, when she was shot. Guzman attended Palm Glades Preparatory Academy, and her sister was on her way to Summerville Advantage Academy.

She was flown to Miami Children’s Hospital immediately after the shooting, but passed away in hospital care. Her schoolmates are being questioned by the homicides division at Miami-Dade police, regarding yesterday’s events.

“The children, they’re already shaken up over what they had to witness and on top of that you have to question them. So this is going to take a very slow and tedious process,” MDPD spokesman Det. Alvaro Zabaleta clarifies.


WHEN WILL THIS STOP? The child who had the gun was apparently showing off to his friends. Did he know it was loaded? Did he shoot directly at Lourdes? How did he GET the gun!!!

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