Good advice? or Wishful thinking?

So is this good advice?

So is this good advice?

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Soon my gallery will be completed, as soon as I figure out HOW lol!!

So what do YOU think about the advice in this “motivational” image?

Personally, I think it’s wishful thinking 🙂


Scorpio – January 18, 2013

Stay out of trouble, and don’t look for it either. You may be feeling a little impish today, and you would like to have a little revenge on the people who get under your skin. You will most certainly get drawn into a drama of your own creation, however, so it’s best to be good.

Photo Bomb by Yours Truly!!

I swear it was an ACCIDENT! I was just listening to what Jowharah Sanders had to say😇

Upper left corner.
Technically with Rick Morgan, Kimberly Bacardi, Tyla Smith and Anka Birgu! (Yes, friends at least lol)